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Monday, January 25, 2010

Tattoos Mistakenly Went Wrong

Bad tattoos, we see them everywhere. What possesses a person to get a bad tattoo? Is there a book somewhere of bad tattoo ideas?
Seems to me, there are simply too many tattoos that have gone wrong. Sure, tattoo removal can get rid of these, but tattoo removal is no laughing matter. It can be painful and quite expensive to have a tattoo removed.
Laser tattoo removal can cost close to $1000 per visit with many bad tattoos needing up to TEN sessions to have that really bad tattoo removed! And guess what else? There is no guarantee that laser tattoo removal will actually remove your bad tattoo - even if it is funny!

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Anonymous said...

o.o wow. thats all i can say wow =_= thats just sad i gotta say XD

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