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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weird Quiz Of The Year 2009

How much attention have you been paying to our tales of depravity, deviance and despair this year? Take our Weird Quiz of the Year to find out!

Weird Quiz Of The Year 2009

1. Bryan Killian, a Pastafarian (one who worships the Flying Spaghetti Monster), was suspended from school for a day because of his religious clothing. What was he dressed as?

a) A zombie
b) A ninja
c) A robot
d) A pirate

2. 'Octopig' was the name given to a piglet born in Croatia with six legs and two penises. But how many anuses did Octopig have?

a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) 3

3. Mozart suffered a problem with his penis in 2007 – it became permanently erect, causing him serious discomfort, and eventually it had to be surgically removed. Fortunately, he had a spare penis, so the loss wasn't so bad. What sort of creature was Mozart?

a) A pig
b) An iguana
c) An ostrich
d) A human

4. By far the greatest legal defence this year was one man's claim that he only robbed a lingerie shop at knifepoint because he believed that he was a magical female elf called Buho. But where did his elven crime take place?

a) Belgium
b) Florida
c) Northern Ireland
d) Venezuela

5. He saved a dolphin by reaching down its throat. He searched for a wife, and found one. He met the world's smallest man. He is Bao Xishun, he was until recently the world's tallest man, and he was undoubtedly our hero of the year. But how tall is he?

a) 7ft 6 in
b) 7 ft 9 in
c) 8 ft 2 in
d) 8 ft 5 in

6. Christmas the Hamster was brought back from the dead, after he was badly burned when his cage was left on top of an oven hob and burst into flames. What well-known drink did firemen use to resurrect him?

a) Ribena
b) Vimto
c) Irn Bru
d) Bacardi Breezer

7. Which American actress was the subject of mysterious graffiti which appeared across London (and further afield) this year?

a) Katie Holmes
b) Bea Arthur
c) Whoopi Goldberg
d) Brooke Shields

8. In 2007, in which US state was a missile found in a junkyard, a policeman mauled by a squirrel, the infamous 'naked tickler' finally captured, a man stabbed to death over a game of Yahtzee, and a doctor arrested while dressed as Captain America with a burrito down his pants?

a) Iowa
b) Florida
c) Texas
d) New York

And finally, a tie-breaker:

9. How many stories in the Weird section had the word 'nude' in the headline in 2007?

a) 15
b) 19
c) 27
d) 34

Highlight below to find the answers:

1) He dressed as a pirate, as all good Pastafarians must
2) Octopig had 2 anuses
3) Mozart was a permanently erect iguana
4) Buho stole the bras in Northern Ireland
5) Bao Xishun is 7ft 9in tall
6) The hamster was brought back to life with a few drops of Ribena
7) Brooke Shields had an Alphabet
8) Florida, of course
9) 27 (or 28 if you include a caption competition)

How you did:
0-2: You simply haven't been paying attention this year, have you? Cretin.
3-5: You've got a fair amount of weird knowledge, but there's plenty of room to improve.
6-8: You have a powerful an impressive grasp of all things weird, knowledge that you no doubt use to make yourself a much sought-after figure on the dinner-party circuit.
9: Freak.

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