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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Australian Man Get Tattooed To Win Parents Free Europe Holiday

An Australian security guard wanted to do something special for his parents on their 40th wedding anniversary.

So Grant Burton, 30, decided he would love to give them a European holiday - but rather than just buying it for them, he wanted to get it for free.

The Melbourne man contacted Dutch-based travel group Eurail and offered to have the company logo tattooed on his back in return for the tickets.

Australian Man Get Tattooed To Win Parents Free Europe Holiday

In recognition of the two hours of agony Mr Burton put himself through, Eurail has awarded rail passes for him, his parents and a friend to travel across 21 European countries.

Mr Burton's father John, 78, a retired taxi driver who has never left Australia, and his mother Cheryl, 60, are now planning their once-in-a-lifetime 30-day visit this November.

The security guard said the pain and the £100 price-tag for the tattoo was 'worth it'.

Now he can't wait to show off his inking to staff at Eurail's head office in Utrecht, Holland.

Australian Man Get Tattooed To Win Parents Free Europe Holiday

'They promised me tickets if I got it done and they've been true to their word.

'Mum and dad have never been to Europe, dad has never even left Australia, and I wanted to do all I could to help them get there to help them celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.

'They spent their lives raising me and my five siblings so it's time we gave something back.'

Mr Burton has been working double shifts to pay for the airline tickets and just needs to save a bit more for the trip.

He added: 'It took days to find a tattoo parlour in Melbourne that would do the job but I'm really happy with he result.

'I've got other tattoos, not as big as the Eurail, and I like it.

'Mum and dad aren't so keen though but they think it's all in a good cause.'

He hopes the Eurail tattoo will become a reminder of a special holiday.

A Eurail spokesman said: 'We have never seen such a fun and extreme example of fan dedication.

'We strongly feel it is very kind of Grant to make this gesture to his parents so we decided to throw in two other passes as well as those for Grant's parents.'


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