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Friday, February 12, 2010

A Real Tragic Love Story

It was the beginning of my sophomore year. I transferred to another school because my dad need to find a job and it seemed he found one with his friends. I was a newbie to that school and yet I didn’t know anyone or try to talk to anyone. I was a shy girl. No one would even try to talk to me, so throughout the whole time there I was alone. For many times, i try to hide myself from everyone because I’m always all by myself and people think I’m weird because of it. I had thought that my entire year there just might be the same as last year where i was all by myself and even my friends left me. Not until that day happen.

I was sitting in my class one day and I noticed a boy sitting behind me. I don’t quite remember his name, but i know that he and his friends are always so loud and I wasn’t able to study on my free time or anything. They were mostly talking about girls and stuff boys would talk about. I was kind of getting tired of them yapping the whole time so I got up and tried to walk away, but one of my notebooks fell down by his foot. I tried not to bend down and grab the notebook because I fear they might make fun of me. I then said, “Would you get that for me?” They all stopped talking and looked at me. I was thinking to myself, “Oh damn…” The boy who sat behind me smiled and said, “Sure,” and handed the notebook to me. I grabbed it and make my way out.

The next day as I was sitting in my desk, he

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