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Friday, April 2, 2010

10 Bizarre And Disgusting Cakes

Dead Crow

This cake would be perfect at a roadkill restaurant. I especially like the fact that they didn’t go overboard on the blood – it is just enough to know that the bird is not sleeping (well – that and its broken neck).

Divorce Cake

This unusual cake would be appropriate at a divorce party or a mafia wedding. As always it is the poor groom that gets it.

Decapitation Cake

A great cake for people who work in a saw mill – this is the decapitation cake. It was featured in a grossest cake bake-off.

Thorax Cake

You can’t say I didn’t warn you about the revolting pictures in this list! This cake (and the next on the list) were both made by Barbara Jo. Details of the making can be found here.

Zombie Cake

This cake is a work of art. It is made by an incredibly talented lady and you can read all about her methods (as well as look at many pictures in the making process) here. Here is a brief snippet: “I calculated that, between the cake, the French creams, and the bloody eyeball cordial cherries, I went through 15 pounds of granulated sugar, 2 bags of powdered sugar, 8 large bags of chocolate chips, 2 bottle of corn syrup, 8 pounds of dark chocolate, and 4 pounds of white chocolate. I have a slight tendency to go overboard with these things. We have a lot of eyeballs left over.”

Lung Cake

This is the rather unattractive (but healthy) looking lung cake.

Just Awful

The effort that went into this cake is quite astonishing – it is so realistic! You can see the complete process here. It is well worth checking out.

Kitty Litter Cake

I am having a hard time trying to work out when you would want to make this cake – and for whom. It is – as described in the title, a kitty litter cake. In my house, kitty litter is something we prefer not to think about, it is not something to celebrate! You can find the recipe here.

Carrie Cake

This is one of my favorites as I am an avid fan of Carrie – the book (later adapted to the silver screen) by Stephen King. It features Carrie in her prom dress after she has had a good dousing of pigs blood.

Skull Cake

In keeping with the gruesome theme of the previous two entries – here is an extremely well made skull birthday cake.

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