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Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Beautiful And Creative Artwork By Australian Artist

With an inclination for rural time travel from an early age Bindi spent a lot of her childhood visiting antique stores in country towns across the great southern land: Australia. She has a love of all things printed vintage and collectable. Drawing for Bindi is a natural and compulsive engagement, she is experimental and colourful; always striving to evolve her work.
Bindi utilises mainly hand drawn but also computer drawn techniques, creating story lines through her artwork in collaboration with brands and labels. Past and current clients include: Billabong, Paul Frank, Frankie Magazine, Yen Magazine, Peter Alexander among others.
Other than that Bindi is named ‘Bindi’ which we think is pretty cool.

Fontaine Anderson developed her unique style during a two month intensive illustration course at Parsons New School for Design in New York, where she also discovered the collection of African and Egyptian artefacts at the MET and Brooklyn Museum. She also finds inspiration in Studio Ghibli films, elaborate costumes, drapery and fashion houses like Balenciaga, Anna Sui and Chloe. She has exceedingly neat handwriting. In the past she has worked for Perks and Mini, Harper Collins, and Elle Girl. She is always on time.

Brad Howe grew up in Sydney, Australia on a healthy diet of skateboarding, music and drawing. He spent his salad days in various animation studios as a layout artist, working on TV programs, commercials and computer games. He studied graphic design at Melbourne’s RMIT.
Since then, Brad has relocated to Amagasaki, Japan with his wife and young offspring, he divides his time between illustration, teaching and designing for a local magazine. He enjoys music, reading, traveling, nature documentaries, National Geographic, coffee, riding bikes, spending time with his family and recently learning how to cook.

Tim Molloy is from New Zealand, but has since moved to Melbourne. His clients include Pearson Education, Tequila Digital and The Furnace, has worked in the animation industry as well as contributing comics and cartoons to a plethora of periodicals. He is inspired by the Surrealists, The Symbolists, the mysteries of the world and the strange vistas seen only in dreams. He is passionate about positively contributing to society, and is keen to work with educational clients. Tim Molloy fears only fear itself.

Caitlin Shearer is an incredible young lady.
Caitlin paints girls and boys in watercolors and gouache.
Caitlin’s work has an offbeat, vulgar prettiness. Bleeding knees, large eyebrows, effeminate boys, an abundance of ribbons… inventing little lives and stories inside the barriers of a sheet of paper.

Fleur Harris lives on the coast of the cosy Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne. She works in all sorts of mediums, working both with handmade and digital finishes. Since her first artistic commission at the tender age of 16, Fleur has gone on to study in both Australia and Italy, exhibit widely as an artist and passing on her worldly knowledge to the kids with her worldly teachings.
Fleur’s clients include Smiggle, Dalton, Monster Children magazine, Frankie and IDN magazines, Melbourne’s Rooftop Bar and Poketo. Fleur is obsessed with collecting lovely looking things, if she wasn’t a human she would be an antique glass menagerie. She has many many unfinished sketchbooks, which will one day be collated in an encyclopedia du Fleur.

SNIP GREEN is another great artist and up and comer in the Australian scene.

I was born in New Delhi and moved to Australia in 1996 with my family. We settled in Sydney but I moved to Melbourne after completing university and spending a year in Sweden. I’m passionate if not obsessive about illustration and am inspired by colours, music and the average joe. In the past I’ve had the opportunity to work with clients such as Camel Cigarettes, Tooheys, Lifelounge Magazine and Computer Arts Magazine. I’ve also had work exhibited in the 115 International Digital Art Gallery, Ink This. I’Ym also a proud member of the international art collective; depthCORE

Mel Stringer would like her work to slip into viewer’s bedrooms, chewing on their toothbrushes and curling up in their blankets, metaphorically, of course. She was born in Darwin, a land of lagoon monsters, and her favourite tool is a biro with thin paper. She is the author of the comic ‘Girlie Pains,’ and would like very much to go to Canada and France and Japan and live out of suitcases and hotels for a long time.

Dave Collinson is a 22 year old up and coming illustrator.

Guy was born in Richmond, Melbourne, to a magazine sub-editor and a wine/spirits/bar reviewer who taught him to focus on doing what he loved, and brought up on a healthy diet of Bic Biros and his brother’s Comic Books. At 16, he lied to a telemarketer about being a RMIT design student and ended up living the lie, graduating in 2003.

While working for the Slattery Media Group over the last 5 years his clients have included (but not limited to) Music Australia Guide, the Australian Football League, VicHealth Magazine, Outer Edge Magazine and many more.

Jon Paton did his first potato print when he was 8 years old and hasn’t looked back. An avid tattoo collector and muscle car enthusiast, he is inspired by Japanese and traditional American tattoo art, brooding landscapes and music. His illustration work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Business Review weekly and Sneaker Freaker magazine. He is currently working on woodblock prints of tattoo flash portraits and totally menacing oceans

Martin Abel is an illustrator residing in Victoria and has worked for many different clients and jobs ranging from editorial illustrations, educational art, comic books and character design.

Dane Flighty was born in New Zealand, all pink and crying like a baby. He now resides in Melbourne and is looking forward to owning a beret.
His illustrations have appeared in IDN magazine, various Fairfax publications (Australian Financial Review, Boss magazine) and many advertising campaigns. Mixing techniques, Dane creates bold & often humorous illustrations that have a hand crafted look about them.
In 2007 his work was selected for the Tiger Translate exhibition in Berlin, he has also participated in exhibitions in Los Angeles and San Diego. Recently several of his illustrations have appeared background set of the “IT Crowd” (season 3)

Bris-vegas artist Ben Sea’s deeper than surreal characters and landscapes are a force to be reckoned with. Ben produces Illustrations, comic books and paintings in which the natural order is turned upside down. Clients include, RAVE magazine, BLOW! clothing and Publicis Mojo.

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