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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Funny Sketches – Funny Fashionable Jeans In Soviet Union

“Where have you torn away such a patch?”

“Poor fellows, they’ve worn out all the jeans at work.”

Oh, we took you for somebody else!

- Pray, don’t go away, Father, please, say the Mass!

“Either “Super-rifle” jeans, or I’m going on hunger strike!”

“A little too big, but the brand…wow!!!”

Jeans are cult piece of clothing of the end of 70-s – beginning of 80-s in the Soviet Union. We would like to present you a set of sketches taken from the soviet magazine “Crocodile”, and dedicated to this very garment.

“I’ve asked you for thousand times – do not wash my shirt! I’ve nothing to put on!”

So much time have passed, but many things still suit to our epoch. They can be applied to modern citizens as well. Or maybe things got even worse? Who knows…

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