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Friday, January 14, 2011

Beautiful Optical Illusion Of Human Heart

One of our Italian friends, named Salvatore spotted an interesting optical illusion printed on the CD cover of the Italian band called Negramaro. It depicts a human heart along with some of its coronaries. The illusion is very simple, yet we have to admit (both me and Salvatore) that it took some time before we could see what it hides. On the other hand, Salvatore’s girlfriend spotted it almost immediately. How about you? How long did it take before you noticed the illusion? BTW, one user reported that when leaving a comment, all he got was a blank screen and wasn’t able to get his words posted. Has this happened to anyone else lately? Your feedback is much appreciated!

Beautiful Optical Illusion

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1 comments: on "Beautiful Optical Illusion Of Human Heart"

Anonymous said...

Took me a long time - about 4 seconds.

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