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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Weird Apple iphone Software Applications

1.CIS Fingerprint Scanner

Everyone wants to be a spy. Or maybe you want to be a top CIA operative? Perhaps a CSI forensic scientist is more your speed. The CIS Fingerprint Scanner will not help you actually become any of things, but you can fool a few people (especially if they’re drunk) into thinking that you are. With its faux Advance CIS Finger Print Scanner, CIS Lie Detector and CIS Metal Detector all look amazing realistic. Created by Kaufcom GmbH this ap might even fool you every once in awhile.

2.Lucky Spell

Where is a good witch when you need one? Right before asking the cute girl out or the big job interview you need some extra luck, but you don’t personally have any magical powers. Your iPhone does through if get Lucky Spell from Magic Sells Now. No having to find a chicken or toss any bones around. Just download the spell that will work for you and follow the instructions then charge up the spell shake your iPhone a couple of times and know the power of the universe is behind you.

3.Paranormal State EMF Meter

Is your house haunted? Do you hear spooky sounds in the night? Need a way to tell if a ghost is standing in front of you or worse is looming right behind you right this second watching over your shoulder as you read this? You might need a ghost hunter, but a cheaper faster method would be loading this app from Moderati, Inc called the Paranormal State EMF Meter. Just like on the show Paranormal State you can…ok, no it’s not a real meter. The readings are simulated, but those more easily scared or shaken friends of yours won’t know that.

4.Voice Changer (Recorder)

Remember the cool voice changing device in Scary movie? Ever wanted to scare your friends with a spooky voice. One spookily weird ap is the Scary Voice Changer (Recorder) from Alina’s Web Design. The scary voice changer stores up 20 custom voices on your iPhone and gives you plenty of chances to play a game of masquerade with your voice.


Voodoo is an ap for those times it wouldn’t be appropriate to pull out a voodoo doll that looks suspiciously like your boss and start sticking pins in it. Of course, if you are punching away at your iPhone during that same meeting it looks like you are industrious. iVoodoo makes you look hard at work while you stick pins into those who would be your enemies or even those folks who simply tick you off a bit. In fact, you can send those your ill wishes through the cosmic veil for up to five trouble makers at once.

While it looks and feels like a standard ap when you load iVoodoo this application lets you channel your aggression and sticks pin in what looks like a standard Voodoo doll. Just to help you focus your angst by using your iPhone camera you snap a picture of the less-than-appreciated and paste this pic on the dolls face. Then in pin mode you can stick your prey with seven different colored pins. If you’re ticked use the negative pin, if you wish to help someone there is also positive, wealth, power or love.

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