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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

50 Dedicated Interesting, Strange Facts Around The World

1. The Nobel Peace Prize medal depicts 3 naked men with their hands on each others shoulders. Verified
2. Fortune cookies were actually invented in America, not China! Verified
3. Of the 17k+ words Shakespeare used, over 1700 are recorded there for the first time. Verified
4. During your lifetime, the average human will grow 591 miles of hair. Unverified But hair does grows about 6 inches per year and the average head has 100,000 hairs. Take an average lifespan of 80 years. 6 x 100,000 x 80 = 48,000,000. Unfortunately hair growth is not uniform through out your lifespan, I have yet to find a formula for this.
5. The United States has more bagpipe bands than Scotland does. To be verified But would appear to be true since Scotland has a population of only 5,000,000, compared to the U.S. at 304,059,724
6. 10 percent of electricity in the US comes from "dismantled nuclear bombs, including Russian ones." Read More
7. In the 1940s, the FCC assigned television's Channel 1 to mobile Services (two-way radios in taxicabs, for instance) but did not Pre-number the other channel assignments. That is why your TV set has channels 2 and up, but no channel 1. Verified
8. The San Francisco Cable cars are the only mobile National Monuments, in the United States. False But they are a National Monument.
9. The reason firehouses have circular stairways is from the days when the fire engines were pulled by horses. The horses were stabled on the ground floor and soon figured out how to walk up straight staircases. Verified
10. On average, 100 people choke to death on ballpoint pens every year. To be verified
11. A hurricane releases more energy in 10 minutes, than all the world's nuclear weapons combined. Verified
12. The cigarette lighter was invented before the match. Verified
13. According to one study, 24% of homes with lawns have some sort of lawn ornament in their yard.
14. Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great king from history: Spades - King David; Clubs - Alexander the Great; Hearts-Charlemagne and Diamonds - Julius Caesar. Verified
15. 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321 Verified
16. Only two people signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, John Hancock and Charles Thomson. Most of the rest signed on August 2, but the last signature wasn't added until 5 years later. False Cannot be verified 100%
17. The term "the whole 9 yards" came from WWII fighter pilots in the Pacific. When arming their airplanes on the ground, the .50 caliber machine gun ammo belts measured exactly 27 feet, before being loaded into the fuselage. If the pilots fired all their ammo at a target, it got "the whole 9 yards." Unverified
18. The phrase "rule of thumb" is derived from an old English law that stated that you couldn't beat your wife with anything wider than your thumb. False
19. The name Jeep came from the abbreviation used in the army for the General Purpose" vehicle, GP. False "GP" does not mean "General Purpose" it came from Ford production codes: G for government, and P for the 80-inch-wheelbase of the vehicle.
20. The Pentagon, in Arlington, Virginia, has twice as many bathrooms as is necessary. When it was built in the 1940s, the state of Virginia still had segregation laws requiring separate toilet facilities for blacks and whites.
21. The cruise liner, Queen Elizabeth II, moves only six inches for each gallon of diesel that it burns.
22. The chances of you dying on the way to get your lottery tickets is greater than your chances of winning.
23. If you have three quarters, four dimes, and four pennies, you have $1.19.You also have the largest amount of money in coins without being able to make change for a dollar.
24. Every time you lick a stamp, you're consuming 1/10 of a calorie.
25. Statistically you are more likely to be killed by a champagne cork than by a poisonous spider.
26. Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than Left-handed people do.
27. In ancient Egypt, Priests plucked every hair from their bodies, including their eyebrows and eyelashes.
28. The average human body contains enough fat to make seven bars of soap.
29. 10% of all woman registered for computer dating are teachers.
30. 7 in 10 Americans have some kind of fear of the dark.
31. More people have a phobia of frogs than rats.
32. More people have a phobia of vomiting than death.
33. The human brain only accounts for 2% of your body weight, but takes up more than 20% of your blood flow.
34. The human brain holds between 1 and 7 terabytes (1 and 7 million megabytes) of data.
35. Males sweat 40% more then females.
36. "Men buy an average of 3.4 pairs of underwear in a year." Read More
37. Testosterone in males decreases 10% every 10 years.
38. Deep breathing gives you health benefits similar to aerobics. Read More
39. Another name for putty root is "Adam and eve".
40. The monkey flower, looks like a monkeys face.
41. The location of the Mars face on Mars matches the location of Stone Henge in England.
42. Venus's day is longer then its year.
43. The rotation of the Earth will eventually slow down to match the moon.
44. President George W. Bush was once a cheerleader!
45. The most popular first name in the world is Muhammad.
46. Sound doesn't travel in space.
47. The height of Mount Everest is 8.848 km height (5.498 miles).
48. The height of Mount Olympus on Mars is 25 km (15 miles).
49. The diameter of the earth is 12 756 km (7 926 miles).
50. The diameter of Jupiter is 152 800 km (88 700 miles).


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