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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

World's Most Weird And Horrifying Scorpion Flies

World's Most Weird And Horrifying Scorpion FliesMost weird and frightening evolutionary mash-up that was perhaps amusing in a comic book or repulsion story. A new group of insects which is very very impressive-look with scorpion like tail.
Meet Mecoptera, a tiny terrifying permutation of a wasp-like fly with the tail of a scorpion. According to Myrmecos, "Mecoptera is an order of holometabolous insects containing a number of unusual taxa, including scorpionflies, hangingflies, and snow fleas."
Commonly referred to as a ‘scorpionfly’, Mecoptera isn’t a threat…yet. The male’s tale resembles a scorpion’s stinger but is only used for mating purposes…for right now. If you had seen one in the wild and had no idea what the thing was? Mecoptera have special importance in evolution of Insecta.While Mecoptera looks menacing, it’s not harmful to us squishy humans. Two of the most important insect orders, Lepidoptera and Diptera, along with Trichoptera, probably evolved from ancestors belonging to, or strictly related to, the Mecoptera.

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